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Spark Ajantâ INGEST - Ingest your documents in Spark Ajantâ

Workflow for the management of volumes of data and the integration of regulatory constraints

In these times, data, whether it be structured or unstructured, grows to ever larger volumes every day. This data is refreshed in constant sweeps, which is not lacking in the field of governance and the archiving of information.

Data, whether it be on paper, digitised or natively digital must be identified, analysed, dissected, enriched, structured and conserved in compliance with regulatory requirements, which are ever more numerous and complex in their understanding. Increasingly, the sustainability of this data should also be considered, while bearing in mind the concepts associated with the conversion, migration of formats and media and anonymisation of data.

In fact, it has become crucial to be able to centralise the data upon entry, in order that they can be processed by use of a group of content integration workflows. These processes are organised in such a manner as to facilitate integration and the preservation of content and all this is subject to ever shorter time constraints

INGEST from Spark Ajantâ, towards the automation of data processing.

The INGEST module from Spark Ajantâ has been created to process data and make your life that bit easier!!

INGEST from Spark Ajantâ has the ability to analyse the format of data sent automatically. Tomorrow, it could also process data already stored in a data warehouse, data lake, online storage service, etc.

Once the data has been categorised and listed, Spark Ajantâ adjusts to the data’s structure and automatically transposes this structure towards the desired target format.

These operations are launched in parallel, allowing the processing of electronic forms in an independent manner, these operations allowing optimisation of processing time. This asynchronous processing is clearly transparent to users, who can view the processed data and forms as they become available.

Once the data is available in the EFS, they can be sent automatically and without any human intervention, possibly to be subject to verification by sampling using human checking, internalised or externalised, according to the target data.

Once the process has ended, the documents and associated data are then archived and conserved in compliance with your organisational and professional requirements.

INGEST from Spark Ajantâ, on the road to simplification.

Over time and in spite of advances in the area of standards, the many kinds of metadata models, file formats, exchanges, etc. mean that it becomes necessary to entrust the management of the transcription of the elements to specialist teams.

The advantages associated with INGEST are many, to the extent that a simple transcoding of the starting data and the expected data allows the processing of the majority of normal data formats (xml, json, hl7, csv, etc). This allows shorter and simplified implementation by professional and/or technical teams.

INGEST from Spark Ajantâ, with multiple uses.

How will you manage your incoming mail? How could you benefit from the possibilities opened up by standard NF 42-026 on digitisation, the absorption of your Helios flows or even from the management of millions of credit files, that you must conserve?

The INGEST module allows you to respond to these questions. Due to its design, it provides a response to these different usages. It allows you to concentrate on the data and its added value.

  • The usages associated with the INGEST module from Spark Ajantâ are many:
  • Automation of data processing chains.
  • Absorption of digitised document flows via a NF Z 42-026 workflow.
  • Integration of digitised documents via Scan2Spark.
  • Simplified interface with professional applications.
  • Interface with the connectors already available on Spark Ajantâ.

With INGEST from Spark Ajantâ, leave your data to us and we will do the rest!

Herwann Perrin - Responsable Produit Spark Ajantâ

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